Family & Friends

Family & Friends

Finding out that someone close to you has had a baby with Down syndrome can be a confusing and overwhelming time. Alongside your excitement and joy at the arrival of the new baby, you may be experiencing reactions of shock and grief, similar to those sometimes experienced by parents. You may be unsure about what to say, how to react, and what you can do to help.

Perhaps the most helpful thing you can do is to assure the parents of your unconditional love and support for them, and their new baby. This love and support can be demonstrated through words, cards, visits, comments, and/or actions. It can be helpful to find out some information about Down syndrome to ensure that your perceptions aren't based on outdated information or stereotypes. The Information for Family and Friends booklet, Information for Grandparents booklet and the information sheets below provide some important information to get you started.

Most importantly, remember that having Down syndrome is just one part of what will make this brand new little person who they are so don't forget to celebrate and do all of the things you ordinarily would when a new baby is born.


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