Meet Our Team

The team at DSAQ is committed to ensuring that people with Down syndrome, their families and the people who work with and care for them are informed, empowered and supported.  Please feel welcome to contact us if you would like more information about what we can do to support you. 

Darryl Steff

CEO and Board Member

Our CEO is responsible for providing leadership, the management of the DSAQ team, and oversight of all ongoing activities of the association. Advocating at the highest levels on issues affecting DSAQ members, the CEO works to develop improved disability policy and practice across all areas and levels of government. The CEO is often out and about in the community raising awareness of Down syndrome, building partnerships and developing business networks.

Rachael Wallace

Literacy Advisor (Reading Our Way)

Our Reading Our Way Literacy Advisor can assist educators and families with information about the Reading Our Way program. They conduct professional development workshops and training throughout the year.

Debbie Martin

Education Consultant

Our Education Consultant can assist educators and families with all educational issues. They conduct professional development workshops and conferences throughout the year. The Education Consultant has a strong commitment to research and the development of programs and resources to assist students with Down syndrome. The Education Consultant is available in the office 3 days a fortnight.

Kellie Auranaune

Member Support Officer

Our Member Support Officer is responsible for ensuring that DSAQ members feel connected and supported, regardless of where they live in Queensland. The Member Support Officer can also source information and services, answer questions, and provide ideas and strategies. The Member Support Officer is responsible for overseeing our library loans and resources.

Yuka Yamaoka

Work and Recreation Officer

Our Work and Recreation Officer is available to provide information about work and recreation opportunities that are available to young people transitioning out of school or adults with Down syndrome in their local community. The Work and Recreation Officer can connect families with resources and services, and can also assist with sourcing supports that allow the person to pursue meaningful work and recreational pathways throughout their life.

Georgie Greaves (Temporary)

Administration Officer

Our Administration Officer is responsible for all of the administration of DSAQ. This includes memberships, processing of online sales, packaging of resources, distribution of flyers, managing RSVP’s for events and conferences, invoices, banking and mail - including of course the packaging and post of the quarterly Digest.

Kate Fletcher

Music Therapist

Our Music Therapist runs the DSAQ Music Therapy program on the Monday mornings with the little ones and the Together Red Choir with our youth and adults on the Wednesday evenings.

Kerrie Nixon

Finance Officer

Our Finance Officer is responsible for all of our banking and payroll.

Niky Scott Carrigan

Administration Assistant Our Administration Assistant provides administrative support to all staff members and helps keep the office running smoothly and efficiently. 
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The DSAQ Board

  • David Fuller -  Chairman
  • Cath Watson -  Company Secretary
  • Paul Wilson -  DSA Representative
  • Gillian Sullivan -  Treasurer
  • Darryl Steff -  Board Member
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